Exotic, luxurious rituals inspired by ancient Moroccan beauty secrets.

Our inclusive, multifunctional skincare streamlines and elevates your regimen with concentrated, earth-conceived ingredients sourced directly from Morocco.

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Organic. Ethical. Sustainable.
We source the highest quality USDA Certified ingredients in micro batches from a fair trade co-operative of women artisans in Southern Morocco. We work closely with our trusted supplier who provides only the highest quality raw ingredients.
Our products are cruelty free. We never test on animals.



We ethically source our organic Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil under fair trade principals from a female run, co-operative in Morocco. The co-op honours these female artisans and a tradition centuries old and supports and empowers the Berber women to build and sustain a better life for themselves, their families and community.


Our mission is to transform the mundane and often times painstaking skincare routine into immersive, beautifying rituals that elevate mood and enhance wellbeing. WILD FOX offers a range of unisex skin and hair care products that perform more than ‘double duty.’
Our capsule collection can be used in a multitude of ways. Providing truly natural, effective treatments that you can indulge in and create your own sanctuary spa experience at home or if time poor, use quickly and efficiently with maximum results.
We fell in love with the purification rituals of the Moroccan Hammam and wanted you to experience that in your own home.
At WILD FOX we believe less is more and that taking care of your skin is genderless. We support and celebrate diversity and inclusion. Always.


Biophotonic glass (also known as violet or miron glass) works as a natural filter allowing only violet, ultra-violet and infra red rays to pass through. It blocks the complete spectral range of visible light, with the exception of violet light.

This unique property filters out the damaging range of light thus allowing only the beneficial light to penetrate. This improves and maintains the quality of ingredients contained and lengthens the durability and potency of sensitive products without the addition of preservatives.


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