Everything you need for a happy gut and radiant, healthy skin in one simple, daily dose. With potent, natural ingredients in scientifically proven dosages, we address the four key pillars to universal skin health in one delicious, strawberry-vanilla powdered elixir.


Your foundation for complete gut health and vibrant, radiant skin

At Optima Nutricosmetics our aim is simple: to empower you to feel and look your best. Our Ultimate - Complete Skin Food Elixir™ offers an uncomplicated, daily ritual that targets the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin – the gut – and delivers the ultimate in skin nutrition.

We address the four key pillars of universal skin health, with our proprietary blends of meticulously-sourced, high-quality, natural ingredients. We include these scientifically validated ingredients in potent, proven dosages.



OPTIMA NUTRICOSMETICS Complete Food Elixir Ultimate 1.0

  • Who it benefits

    Those wanting improved gut health, overall wellness and vibrant, healthy skin. For the time-poor, the tired and those wanting to streamline their daily skincare; Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ is for you.

    How it works

    Optima Nutricosmetics offers an intelligent skin health solution, backed by nutritional science. Each of our powerful ingredients has been scientifically researched and incorporated in proven dosages to ensure optimal efficacy. We take a holistic approach to achieving universal skin health, to deliver a long-term solution for skin health and gut nutrition.


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