A traditional blend of 100% certified organic English Breakfast Tea, a great blend to drink to kick off your morning and get into the day!!! Yes, our High-Flyer blend is great for all you busy-bee’s…. dashing all over the place, whilst its’ antioxidants are working hard behind the scenes reducing free radicals in your body! Add these benefits with hydrolyzed collagen to help enhance your skin, hair and nails and overall beauty from within, and you can’t beat the buzz and the super-boost you’ll get from this beauty blend!!! Serving Suggestion: Perfect on its own or with milk and/or sugar.


28 teabags


Fusspot Collagen Beauty Tea - The High Flyer

  • English Breakfast Tea consisting of 100% organic black tea and hydrolyzed collagen powder. Made with imported, 100% certified organic ingredients imported from Sri Lanka and blended in Australia with hydrolyzed collagen (sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide). This Tea naturally contains caffeine.


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