This Beauty Tea will recharge your mornings or any time of day! It’s a refreshing full-bodied Australian Breakfast Tea and combines various organic black teas with white tea ( silver needle) and rose petals to give a full-bodied taste that will give you your caffeine boost and a great buzz as well as all of your antioxidants! Blended with hydrolyzed collagen to help enhance your skin, hair and nails and overall beauty from within, you can’t go past this everyday blend. Add milk or drink on it’s own, if you love your daily black tea, then this is the one to boost your body!

Fusspot Collagen Beauty Loose Tea - The Headliner

  • Ceylon black tea, Assam Black tea, white silver needle (White tea) and Rose petals with hydrolyzed collagen (sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide).


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