Pining for your Favourite Salon Treatment? Natalie from Kindred Shares a Perfect at Home Ritual

We all love a salon treatment right, there is nothing quite like the hands of a well trained aesthetician to maximise the results and elevate the experience. Drawing on the expert advice from Natalie from Kindred and my own obsession with at home treatments, I have a sure-fire formula to make your next at home pamper session almost as good as the salon.

Ahh a salon facial - remember those? I for one will never take them for granted again. As much as I love a good at home facial, a good aesthetician will bring the best out in your skin with a careful and thorough analysis of your skin, it's condition and give it what it needs.

However right now we don't have the luxury of being able to visit our favourite salon, so while we make a mental note to never take them for granted again and maybe even book something with them now in advance - let's get the candles lit, pop on the robe and give ourselves a salon worthy at home Facial.


Atmosphere is everything, so we need ambience, music, candle light and yes a glass of something (if the time is appropriate - responsible consumption of alcohol etc etc)

  • Light a Candle - I recommend Ikou Destress

  • Music - I like a chilled playlist from Spotify

  • Robe and Head band - Get comfy

Cleanse and Exfoliate

It's so important not to skip this step as the masque ingredients will not be as affective if they can't penetrate the skin because of dead skin, makeup, oil etc.

Mist and Balance

You know this part, after they have cleansed and scrubbed they spritz, this is not just a pretty smell, but an important part of the process. A good toner or mist will bring the skin back to the right balance and prepare it for the next step.


Ok so here comes the fun part.

There are many different masques on the market. You need to assess your skin first and decide what it needs right now. This may be different to last week or last month. Your most common types are:

  • Hydrating

  • Detoxifying

  • Brightening

  • Firming

  • Exfoliating

Some do more that one of those for example the Wildcrafted does just about all of it and it is why it is Natalie from Kindred Facials absolute favourite masque.

Wildcrafted Organics



Wildcrafted Organics offer 20% off your first purchase, I do recommend getting the facial mist and the Oil at the same time.

Wild Berry is a luscious honey based cleanser, exfoliant & masque, rich in skin loving nutrients, antioxidants & the purest New Zealand halloysite clay. Crushed hibiscus petals & the natural enzymes in honey dissolve dead skin cells and gently exfoliate while halloysite and zeolite clays remove toxins and the powerful antioxidants in wild harvested Maqui Berry counteract pollutant induced skin damage. Nourishing, hydrating and skin brightening this multi tasking product will leave your skin looking incredibly healthy & beautifully radiant. 


So here is the hard part - unless you can convince one or your kids or husband to massage your face for 20mins (and let's face it - the level of competency will not be worth the winging). Natalie (and I) recommend a Gua Sha. You will need to choose your serum and face oil for this part, serum first then oil then massage.

  • The Wildcrafted Bakuchiol face oil is next level anti ageing with 10% active ingredient which is know to mimic retinol so is great for lines and wrinkles and pigmentation.

Natalie Says:

It’s called gua sha, from the Chinese word Gua (to rub or scrape) and Sha (red), and it is the number one thing that you should be including in your regular beauty routine. I’ve been using this technique on my clients for a little while and have had the pleasure of seeing great results in their skin’s overall texture and glow.

The benefits of the Gua Sha call for its very own Blog which will be out very soon, for now you can watch this video of Natalie showing how to use it - I use mine most mornings and nights after I apply my face oils, and you can do this as part of your facial ritual as well with your facial oil.

Finish off with a good moisturiser and if you are going out, sunscreen.

About Natalie and Kindred Toxic Free Facial

‘After 13 years in traditional beauty, there came a point where I could no longer go on. I needed to take full responsibility for the message I was sending about beauty and for what I was putting on client’s skin. I start work each day excited to educate my clients that the’s another way and that a bathroom full of products does equal beautiful skin!” - Natalie Sellers, Founder, Kindred Toxin Free Facial Studio.’ 

When you meet Kindred Toxin Free founder, Natalie Sellars, it is easy to understand why her authenticity and passion has helped her build a loyal following of clients and skincare devotees. For 20 years she has honed her craft as a skincare doyenne, having worked and managed leading spas in Australia and New Zealand. For the last seven years Natalie has honoured her dedication to and belief in living toxin-free, working to create a salon experience that promotes kind beauty. She now uses only the very best organic & toxin free skin care in each salon ritual. Her “no BS” approach makes her a trusted practitioner genuinely interested in the wellbeing of her clients. Creating a community along the way, she has also travelled around Australia with her natural beauty masterclasses as well as hosting many wellness events. 

KIND Beauty is the ethos at KINDRED TOXIN FREE face and body

  • KIND to yourself by allowing yourself the space to re connect and be taken care of.

  • KIND to the environment, using Eco friendly, chemical free products that are good for your skin and the environment.

  • KIND to Animals, no animal testing, and Vegan facial options( honey/no honey)

  • KIND to and inclusive of others. We are a safe and nurturing space for PEOPLE of all ages, cultural backgrounds, gender and gender expressions. Both in the salon, and at all of our community events.Giving back is very important and part of KINDRED. $1 from every organic and toxin free facial is donated to help give back to Brisbanes homeless and vulnerable youth. 

I hope you enjoy your next at home facial with these beautiful NON TOXIC beauty essentials.

Don't forget to sign in to comment and tell me what your favourite at home product or treatment is.

Happy shopping,

Carla x



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