Out of Hibernation and Back to Reality - I have all you need Post Covid to Look and Feel your Best

Well that was a tough couple of months for everyone and it is not entirely over, in fact I think it's a new beginning. The Beginning of self care, a focus on our own wellness and the reset we all needed. So if you are coming out of Iso with a new sense of self worth, or maybe you let things go (that's ok as well), I have my top face, body, hair and health products you need to get you ready to face the world again.

So we are back to work, study and school drop off, back to lunching, local holidays, dining and shopping - yes it is with all the post covid modifications and protocol - but we are back and I for one are looking forward to getting out and enjoying food and friendship once again.

After hibernating for 8 weeks, I have a strong feeling there is a lot of very pale unshaved legs out there, and maybe the skincare routine has not been as - well - routine and I know for sure you have not had a salon facial. P.S. I can't wait for all salons to be back! And maybe - possibly we have over indulged a little and our gut may be in need a little lovin'.

Do not worry - I have my top natural products you need to come out of hibernation looking better than when you went in.

Inner Beauty Supplement

I know - I may be a bit predicable here but it's so true - Beauty and Wellness Begins in the Gut - so we must start here. We now have so much choice, vegan collagen boosting blends with probiotics, marine collagen powders and Bovine Collagen. Which ever one you go for you will notice the difference in your skin, hair nails and you general wellbeing. Once a day - its the best simple addition you can do for your beauty.

I recommend

Body Scrub

Nothing wakes up your skin better than a good all over body scrub. Choose salt, sugar or my favourite coffee to get a natural invigorating scrub, choose products with no nasties for you or the environment like sulphates or plastic micro beads.

I Recommend

Body Cream and or Oil

After your have scrubbed off 2 months worth of dead scaly skin, you will be ready to lather a beautiful anti ageing oil or cream to your body. Not only will your skin look beautiful, but chosen carefully your body cream and oil should also be working to firm and nourish just like our face creams, serums and oils are designed to do.

Once you go to a good body oil you will not be able to go without. A good oil will have only oils, ie no water, so you get the best hydration and nourishment, plus the sensory factor is so good for the soul. Again opting for a good blend of skin loving oils will mean they absorb really well and won't leave you feeling a bit slick.

I Recommend

Face Mask

Now this should be a regular weekly maintenance, especially if you are over 40. The key with your masks is to choose the right one for your desired result and Prep Prep Prep.

Did I say prep? Yes that's because the mask will never be as affective if it has a mile of dead skin and old makeup to work through. So throughly double cleanse, exfoliate and if you have it, a pH balancing mist.

Choose your Drop - is it hydration, brightening, tightening, detoxifying you are after, maybe it's more than one thing. Some masks will give you multiple benefits. I usually opt for brightening and hydrating but if you are quite congested go for a clay detoxifying mask.

I Recommend

Hair Treatment

If like me you had a go at colouring (or dare I say cutting) your own hair during lock down, your hair probably needs a little pick me up. Prep again is crucial so once you have your desired mask ready, double cleanse or use a detox cleanser and towel dry your hair before application. Once on, comb through and leave in for as long as possible over night even if you can.

As with all skin body and hair care, I recommend choosing brands with natural ingredients, avoid those with sulphates, artificial fragrance or silicones - and be careful, there is a lot of green washing in beauty and even expensive salon product can still have harsh fragrance and silicones in them.

I Recommend

Alright your sorted - now get back out there and don't forget you can't pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself inside and out, every day.

Happy shopping,

Carla x


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