Natural Deodorants are no longer the domain of the Die Hard Greenie

We are all converting to natural deodorant more than ever. Why? Because we now have products that actually work.

It still amazes me how many people use aluminium deodorants and I get why - we don't want to be that friend or colleague that is well, a bit on the nose.

For me the alternative is much worst, exposing my body every day to pretty heavy duty aluminium to block my pores from doing what they do naturally, sweat and detox.

The difference between traditional deodorants and natural is they way they work. Aluminium is an ingredient used to physically block the pores and stop the sweat and odour. They also have some pretty toxic synthetic antibacterial ingredients which are now banned in some countries.

How do they work

A natural deodorant will use absorbing ingredients like bi-carb, or witch hazel which is a natural astringent to absorb moisture. They also use essential oils typically used to kill bacteria and therefore the smell associated with it. These come in a paste like No Pong or Axilla, or your traditional spray or roll on. Paste or balms can take a bit of getting use to but they work really well.

I have tried a lot of brands and yes they are different to you traditional aluminium deodorant, they work differently so we have to use them differently. You have to be ready to feel a little bit wet and be prepared to reapply during the day. I try to keep one in my handbag, one in the car etc.

It can be scary taking the natural route as nobody wants to be the stinky one. We have been trained by marketing messages to think we need a deodorant to last 24 hours or longer. But really do we need to shut off our pores which are designed to detox our body, especially when we have so many great choices now to switch out and take that unnecessary toxic load off our bodies.

Top 5 Natural Deodorant Brands I have Tried and Tested

1. Mukti

2. Lavera

3. Weleda

4. Black Chicken

5. No Pong

How to Shop for Natural Deodorants

You can find all these brands at Nourished Life.

Follow my blog to see more in depth reviews on individual brands and products.

Happy shopping,

Carla x



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