Professional Makeup Artists are finally able to offer their clients a Natural Option with Kylies

The Professional Makeup Market has been largely dominated by the big department store brands - until now.

Kylies Professional Makeup was born out of necessity, like most great things are. Kylie was not only experiencing sensitivity herself from chemical rich cosmetics, but her clients also where wanting alternatives.

After a client has a severe reaction to a product Kylie used on her, that was the final straw - Kylie knew she need had to develop a range that was not just natural, but could be used by professionals on clients to get professional results. Clients like brides, models and actors. But also makeup junkies who love to wear makeup, experiment with colour and new trends all with no compromise.

My Review

I meet Kylie at The Green Edit, however I had been recommended her makeup before meeting her. I was MC for the event so Kylie kindly did my hair and makeup and by the time we were finished I felt like I had known her for years. That is the effect this amazing lady has on everyone she meets, she is passionate and incredibly talented.

To be honest I was still not sure if a mineral natural makeup could give me a professional look and last, having been in TV for nearly 20 years, I have always had to compromise on using traditional TV brands that are typically highly perfumed and loaded with preservatives, and on top of that NOT cruelty free. I personally stopped buying these brands a few years ago, but in TV you really have to let the makeup room use what's in their kit.

I was super impressed, I was at the event until 9pm and the makeup stayed put and the coverage was great, I especially love the eye colours Kylie has developed, they are so perfect for my age (50) and any one wanting a strong eye but nothing too sparkly and especially nothing that is going to cause irritation or allergy.

Kylies Makeup Range is now front and centre of my makeup kit and I am loving her new skincare line which includes a kakadu plum serum and the most beautiful facial mist both of which work really well with the mineral foundation.

Ingredients Used in Kylies Makeup - Mineral Goddess Collection

  • Natural Earth Derived Minerals

  • Shea Butter

  • Squalene

  • Jojoba Oil

  • Witch Hazel

  • Rosehip Oil

  • Essential Oils


NB Xtreme Runway Range is not all Natural

The Foundation

As a professional makeup artist, Kylie understands the need for many colours, over time the range has evolved into 14 different shades all Earth derived. Most of us will find one to two colours that work for us year round, with the darker of the 2 shades working better in the warmer months with a tan and the lighter colour in winter, and in between you may mix the 2 together.

This is easy to do as they are loose and 100% natural

The Range

The range comprises of 2 main brands:

  • Mineral Goddess: 100% natural - Cruelty Free - Mostly Australian Made (pencils made in Germany)

  • Xtreme Runway: Not 100% natural but has natural ingredients - Cruelty Free - Mostly Australian Made

About Kylie

Significantly I use only Kylie's Professional makeup products in my professional work. I believe knowing exactly what is in the products I am using and the high quality and safety of them has made a big difference to the quality of my makeup application and my confidence dealing with all skin types and problems. From early on, my own super-sensitive skin led me on a driven quest for non-irritating and safe, skincare and beauty products. The joy of sharing my discoveries with friends and clients encouraged me to spread the knowledge and availability of the better, healthier options I had found or eventually created.  It is because of the enthusiastic support I received that proudly, I now have my exclusive products made by several awesome Australian companies to my proprietary formulas and colours. I also have gorgeous natural eyeliners from the USA and custom, natural eye and lip pencils from the world's masters of everything pencils, Germany.

The Code

The get 15% use code Carlasgreenhouse.

Happy shopping,

Carla x


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