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"Knowing the language used in the beauty industry gets you a massive step closer to understanding what you really need for beautiful skin."

Kissed Earth believe that by eating real foods, sourced from the best places around the world, we can heal our body and help us live to our full potential. We have seen the effects first-hand of what a lack of nourishment and care has on our body, so it is our mission to open the pathway to a more enriching life.

At Kissed Earth they have sourced some of the best bovine collagen from around the world and carefully blended it with a unique mix of botanicals, superfoods, probiotics and fibres to allow your body to thrive. They do not believe in using synthetic or artificial ingredients in any of our products and are committed to using the cleanest and most powerful foods from nature. Retailing from $59.95 - $89.95

The Benefits

When choosing an inner beauty powder or any supplement, its important to do your homework and turn the bottle over - take a look at the ingredients and make sure there are not added nasties. Its also important to know you are getting a good dose of the active ingredients - be aware of greenwashing and label claims. What I mean by that is the classic

What you don't want:

  • gmo ingredients

  • sugar

  • milk solids

  • anything artificial

What you do want:

  • Bovine or Marine Collagen

  • Ethically sourced

  • whole foods

  • Probiotics

  • Pre biotics

  • natural ingredients

How is it Different?

The Kissed range offers you the best of both words when it comes to collagen boosting powders. We need more than just a collagen peptide or an antioxidant to get our best skin and health possible, but we also need a balanced and healthy happy gut. We also need a wide range of whole foods with loads of difference nutrients to feed our cells.

Why is the gut important?

Well it doesn't matter how good your diet is or what amazing collagen powder you are taking - if your gut is out of balance we simply do not absorb all these beautiful ingredients effectively.

Like going to the gym, going once a month is not going to cut it, we need to balance our gut daily with a good probiotic.

So I love it when we can get both collagen boosting ingredients plus a probiotic in one serve.

Now if you are like me and want to cover all bases, you can mix your powders together or add one to a smoothie or juice so you are not limiting your self to just one formula. You can also use most powders in raw cooking, like mixing up bliss balls or slices, or even adding it to your smoothie bowl or porridge, just remember not to heat it as this will kill off all the good bacteria and also reduce your nutrient value.

I like to look to my powders like I do my own diet requirements, listen to your body, how are your feeling? On the days you know you have over indulged reach for the cleanse, on days you have worked hard physically go for the replenish - use them as you do food, as that is exactly what they are.

Plus I love that there are no artificial ingredients, not lactose or gluten and no added sugar, the sweetener is stevia and thaumatin both plant based.

The Range

The Code

Use code CARLA10 to get 10% off your order - If you love it remember to come back to this article and tell us in the comments and share this code with others you think will benefit from Kissed Earth.

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Happy shopping,

Carla x


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