Introducing Essential Oils into your Daily Life is so Rewarding both for Mind and Body

So - You are super keen to start using essential oils right, but have not idea what to do with them.

  • What oil should I use?

  • Can I put it on my skin?

  • How do I use them?

So here are 5 easy every day ways to use your essential oils, I have also given you the oils I think are best for each application.

Remember when you are starting essential oils, that each oil has its own chemical makeup, and therefore its own benefits, so not all oils are used for the same thing. One thing they all have in common is that they are very potent and should be used carefully and kept out of the reach of young children. Never ingest essential oils or put them straight on to the skin unless advised by an qualified aromatherapist. (lavender for example can go straight on an insect bite) and when using oils with children they have to be diluted a lot more (by 1/2 at least), just like with medicine.

The Diffuser

This is the easiest way to get started and experience oils in your environment.

Just add water up to the line on the inside, pop 2-10 drops of your desired oil and turn on. One diffuser sorts out a large area or large room.

Suggested Oils:

  • Bedroom: Doterra Lavender

  • Office: Doterra Elevation or Balance

  • Loungeroom: Ikou Happiness

  • Dining or Kitchen: Lemongrass

  • For Focus or Headaches: Peppermint

  • For Calming or Sleeping: Lavender

  • For Uplifting: Any Citrus, Doterra Elevation, Ikou Destress or Happiness

Topically Mixed with a Carrier Oil

These are my favourite. Find yourself a glass or steel pump dispenser, preferably tinted glass as light affects oils.

Fill it with fractionated coconut oil. This is easy to get and Doterra do one, you can also buy it in bulk from Sydney Essential Oil Company.

Start adding drops of your oil until you feel it's the right intensity, check after every drop or so, you don't want it too strong, remember they are potent. It's best to follow the advise of an aromatherapist or the guidelines for dilution from the brand itself, but the general rule is 1 drop per teaspoon, always do half dilution on children never use straight essential oil directly on your body.

Now you have a premixed massage blend or body oil.

  • For Massage: Aroma Touch or Lavender

  • For Anti Ageing Body Oil: Frankincense

  • For Sleep Massage: Lavender

  • Immunity Boosting: Doterra On Guard

Spray Bottle

Mix your oils into a spray bottle. They are great for using around the house for:

  • Room Fragrance

  • Cleaning

  • Sleep or Face Mist

Depending on which application you are using you will choose a different oil, however the mixing is the same.

Get a dark glass or steel spray bottle.

Fill with filtered or distilled water (this is so there are no impurities in the water).

Add a tablespoon of vodka

Add your essential oil, depending on the size of the bottle you will add at least 10 drops of oil. Again test it for strength as you go - you can always add more water.

  • Room Fragrance: Ikou Happiness or Lavender

  • Cleaning: Lemon, peppermint,Tea Tree and Eucalyptus or any of these on their own

  • Pillow Mist: Lavender

  • Nit Prevention: Tea Tree (test for allergy)

Number 4 - In a Roller

These are so convenient, you can have a little bag of them in your handbag and use them as you need on your pulse points, back of the neck or soles of your feet.

You can buy them already made up from Doterra and Ikou, they mix it perfectly with the carrier oil so they are ready to go straight on the skin.

You can also make up your own which I love to do, this way you can blend a few different oils together and get your own unique blend.

You can buy the glass roller bottles on ebay and the oil is available from doterra and also in bulk from Sydney Essential Oil Co.

Doterra also have cool little stickers you can add onto your roller balls so you can remember what you put in them.

  • Headaches or focus : Peppermint Roller

  • Stress or anxiety: De-Stress or Grounding and Balance from Ikou Roller

  • Can't get to sleep: Lavender Roller, Good Night Sleep Roller

  • Immunity Boosting: Doterra On Guard (this is a must to travel with)

Number 5 - Mindfulness Bracelet

This is a great way to wear your essential oil as a natural perfume but also you can inhale as you go through your day.

The bracelets are made up of semi precious stones and lava beads which are highly absorbent and soak up your essential oil, the oil lasts about 12-24 hours depending on the oil etc.

Place a drop of pure oil on a few of the lava stones only - be careful not to get it on your skin.

You can change the oil each day depending on what your needs are.

  • Days when you need to focus: Add balance

  • Days when you are stressed: De-Stress

  • To curb your cravings: Peppermint

  • As a perfume: anything you like, but I especially love happiness from ikou or Aromatouch from Doterra.

Shop for Essential Oils:

Carla King-Turner - Doterra Shop

Before using essential oils you should always patch test for allergies and seek medical advise if you on any kind of medication.

Keep Oils out of the reach of children and pets.

Happy shopping,

Carla x



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