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"Professional Makeup Artist Turned Product Developer - Jacqui Joined me at the Greenhouse Retreat to do a full make over using her amazing mineral makeup"

Jacqui joined me at The Greenhouse Retreats to share her amazing range of mineral foundation. Jacqui has worked in TV in front of the camera and behind the camera working with many celebrities and networks. Over the many years she has learnt a thing or two about makeup, ageing skin and looking professional. She has now developed her own range incorporating natural ingredients and age defying colours to bring a simple and flawless makeup routine for professional women who want to look their best but don't have the time to spend hours in front of the mirror every day.

Product Features

The Glindawand range is small but highly effective and versatile, if you want fuss free but professional finishes you will love this boutique range.

  • True Mineral Foundation - No fillers - Pure Earth Derived Minerals

  • Full pigment eye shadows in wearable colours for all ages

  • Multi tasking elixir replaces all your skincare products

  • Low molecular oils for best absorbency and results

  • Self adjusting foundation colours - only 4 to choose from

  • No nasty ingredients so perfect for sensitive and mature skin.

How is it different

Jac has created the perfect foundation solution for busy women that can be used in multiple ways depending on the coverage you need (and the time you have).

  • Use it as a light dusting for a casual minimal look with moderate sun protection and light coverage

  • Mix the mineral powder with the elixir for the freshest liquid foundation you can get - this gives you a medium coverage with a slight dewy look.

  • Apply liquid mix of powder and elixir with the sponge application for full glam coverage, finish with a dusting to set the powder to set - and wowza that is your power meeting game face right there.

The Range

The Glindawand range is boutique and luxurious.

  • True Mineral Foundation - No fillers - Pure Earth Derived Minerals

  • Eye and Check Pallettes

  • Lip Gloss Range

  • Fibre and Non Fibre Mascara

  • Fountain of youth Elixir - Replacing many skincare steps if desired

  • Professional Brush Sets

For the full range click here.

The Code

Yes - we have a code for your for Glindawand, use code CKT to get 10% off your purchase.

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Happy shopping,

Carla x

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