Hold on to your Tea Cups Girls, Collagen infused Tea is here and it's Delicious!

So all this talk about inner beauty - marine collagen - bovine collagen - collagen boosting botanicals, it must be time we all part take in this skin care ritual and it can be as simple as popping on the kettle.

To say I was excited when I heard about Fuss Pot would be an understatement, it's two of my favourite things in one cup - collagen and tea.

What a smart cookie, Sam literally spent 18 months formulating these amazing blends and I am so excited to share them and I will tell you why.

One of the biggest tips I give anyone wanting to improve their health or fitness is to simply swap something out for something to brings nutritional value to your day or reduces your chemical load, ie swap your body wash to non toxic, swap your toothpaste to non toxic and hey change your morning tea cuppa with one that has bovine collagen!

The Range

You can choose between Green, herbal or black in many different ingredients including peppermint, chamomile, lemon, hemp, match and more.

  • Loose Leaf

  • Tea Bags

  • Herbal Teas

  • Green Teas

  • Black Teas

  • Chai

  • Caffine and Caffine Free

Skin benefits:

  • helps to hydrate our skin

  • assists with anti-ageing and reducing wrinkles and maintain firm skin

  • helps improve skin elasticity and firmness

  • helps support sun damaged skin, wrinkled and sagging skin

  • helps heal skin inflammation and healing

Nail benefits:

  • improves nail quality and growth

  • maintains nail health and stronger nail structure

  • Hair benefits:

  • promotes hair growth and regeneration

  • improves hair appearance, thickness and shine

  • improves hair health and strengthens hair follicles

Overall Health benefits:

  • Bioavailable: Our hydrolyzed collagen is digested and easily and quickly absorbed by the body for maximum benefit!

  • Not only does our hydrolyzed collagen help improve hair, skin, nails – but also benefits muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendon health.

  • Has no added sugars

  • It’s gluten-free and vegan-free

  • And it’s tasteless and colourless, so our hydrolyzed collagen is completely soluble in hot or cold teas

About Collagen

Our own collagen production starts to decrease at the age of 25, this is why we see lines wrinkles and sagging skin, starting as early as possible replacing that collagen internally and topically is our best bet to beautiful youthful looking skin.

And how easy is it now that we can do this easily by enjoying a cup of tea, full of antioxidants and lovely soul nourishing ingredients at the same time.


How to Shop

Happy shopping,

Carla x


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