Australian Non Toxic Awards 2020 - Submission Open Now

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards for 2020 - Celebrating the products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment and our society. Submit your Product Here

With so many new brands and products coming on the market every day, discerning shoppers like you and I are typically what I like to call bottle turners. We read lables, boxes, and google the long weird names that tend to end up on inci lists.

Making life a lot easier for us are organisations like The Australian Non-Toxic Awards. They do all the hard work using qualified judging panels, and a very strict submission process to ensure their rosette means the product is truely non-toxic. No bottle turning or googling required.

The awards cover not only skincare and beauty but home and lifestyle including baby products.

Read on to see last years winners, (some of our fav brands here at Mooi amongst the winners), and to find out about the submission process and criteria to be in the running for one of these sought after rosettes.

Last Years Award Winners

Just some of last years award winners, no surprise some of our favourite brands here at Mooi + U.

Click here to see the full list of award winners across all categories including, skin, body, baby, lifestyle, home cleaning and more.

About the Awards

Last year, the Australian Non-Toxic Awards became the first Awards in the world to recognise and celebrate non-toxic and socially responsible products. Thanks to the huge and humbling success of our inaugural year, the Awards return in 2020. They are set to be bigger and better, with the intention to become an even greater force for change. The Australian Non-Toxic Awards seek to make it easier and less confusing for all of us to make the safest and most ethical choices.


We value exceptional products that are:

Safe – containing only non-toxic ingredients and materials. Ethical – manufactured fairly using ethically-sourced ingredients & materials. Sustainable – produced ensuring long-term environmental quality for future generations. Responsible – beneficial to the welfare of local and global communities. Our rosettes are a sign of total assurance that a product is safe, made with the highest quality ingredients and materials, has been tried and tested by experts, is recommended and can be trusted. “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

The Judging Process

Independently run, the Australian Non-Toxic Awards are unaffiliated with any brands, corporations or media organisations.

This means our judging process is fair, transparent and unbiased by big advertising spends. Each entry will be judged by Emily Fletcher, Editor of My Non-Toxic Tribe, and scored on quality of ingredients and materials, ethics of ingredients and materials, sustainability, responsible manufacture, quality and function. The top 5 products in each category will be named as Finalists.

Finalist products will be judged individually by a minimum of 5 Expert Panellists. The highest scores will decide the final winners to be awarded gold, silver and bronze rosettes. The Editor’s Choice rosette will be awarded by Emily Fletcher. “We all deserve to be using non-toxic products on our children, our bodies and in our homes. By supporting the businesses truly seeking to provide non-toxic excellence, it puts pressure on all companies to reformulate to create safe products too.” Emily Fletcher, My Non-Toxic Tribe

Biome a big Winner

One of our favourite online stores Biome took home many awards - Shop for these and more now.

How to Enter

Entry to the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 is now open.

Find out more or Submit your product here.

Need more Info?

For further information, press and enquiries about the 2020 Awards, please email

Follow my blog to see more in depth reviews on individual brands and products.

Happy shopping,

Carla x



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