Professional Mineral Make up Range

" I use only Kylie's Professional makeup products in my professional work. I believe knowing exactly what is in the products I am using and the high quality and safety of them has made a big difference to the quality of my makeup application and my confidence dealing with all skin types and problems."  Kylie

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From early on, my own super-sensitive skin led me on a driven quest for non-irritating and safe, skincare and beauty products. The joy of sharing my discoveries with friends and clients encouraged me to spread the knowledge and availability of the better, healthier options I had found or eventually created. 

It is because of the enthusiastic support I received that proudly, I now have my exclusive products made by several awesome Australian companies to my proprietary formulas and colours. I also have gorgeous natural eyeliners from the USA and custom, natural eye and lip pencils from the world's masters of everything pencils, Germany.

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