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Jacqui understands the busy, modern woman. She is a professional hair and makeup artist with over 30 years’ experience; she is often on-set for 10,12 and up to 14 hours a day; she is a wife, a mother of 2; plus she runs a business and a household. She needed a makeup range that not only went the distance with her, but also looked after her skin at the same time.

What she found was that anything that gave her the longevity she needed, left her skin feeling dry and dull (plus she needed an industrial strength remover to get rid of it)! On the other hand, anything that felt good on her skin, needed to be replaced by lunchtime. Essentially, SHE COULD NOT FIND WHAT SHE NEEDED!

So, she created GlindaWand.

GlindaWand is "Real Makeup", for "Real Women", in "Real Time".


Jacqui is truly passionate about hair, makeup and beauty products, so-much so, that while travelling around the world so regularly, she became obsessed with finding the ‘one perfect range’. 



She created GlindaWand to simplify her own makeup routine.
In the process, she managed to create a range that is:

• Extremely high quality
• Simple to use
• Multi-tasking
• Luxurious Looking
• Long lasting
• And also looks after your Skin



The modern woman is so busy. She is expected to be:

• The perfect wife
• The perfect mother
• The perfect work colleague
• The perfect friend

All this, and she is still expected to look good while doing it.

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