Miod Organic Facial Steaming Herbs 150gm

Miod Organic Facial Steaming Herbs 150gm

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Facial Steaming to Detoxify and Relax your Senses


A carefully selected array of organic dried botanicals, including Rose, Calendula, Licorice, Raspberry, Elderflower, Green Tea and Jasmine; chosen for their skin rejuvenating properties, abilities to help eliminate bacteria and decrease inflammation.   To be used in facial steaming; a vital step to a complete and effective facial.  Facial steaming benefits the skin in many ways including increasing circulation, opening and detoxing the pores and is overall a relaxing activity.

Any skin type can benefit from a facial steam and the plants chosen are suitable for all skin types.

Why Mooi + U Beauty?

We Love Clean Beauty

We also want effective anti ageing skincare.  It has to be clean, luxurious, ethical and most importantly,  give you the results your are looking for. Carla

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